Sunday, 1 January 2012

Baby Boy Train

What better way to celebrate a new year than to welcome a new baby! One of my most popular card designs is Baby Boy Train. Here's a snap of my latest version, and step-by-step directions follow using the Cricut machine along with the New Arrival and Elegant Edges cartridges. This card requires a good hour or more to create, but it's so worth it.

1.   Choose a heavy card stock and create a 5.75" card base. Round the outside corners.

2.   Select five coordinating patterned papers. Smaller pattern designs work best. 6" paper sheets will work for this design, but you will need two sheets of the darkest color. My selection is from SEI's Moonrise collection.

3. Fire up the Cricut and insert the Elegant Edges cartridge.
a.  From your darkest pattern, cut two of <scallop2> with Border feature at .7"
b.  Cut one of <scallop1> with Shift and Shadow features at 2"
c.  From a scrap of white or cream cardstock, cut one of <scallop1> with Oblong feature

4. Switch to New Arrival cartridge and, from darkest pattern cut:
a.  <train> with Shadow feature at 2 1/2"
b.  <bear> with Shadow feature at 2"
c.  <giraffe> with Flip and Shadow feature at 3 1/2"

5. From other patterns, cut:
a.  <train> at 2 1/2" and <giraffe> with Flip at 3 1/2" (don't worry if your giraffe feet run off the paper cause you won't need them)
b.  <train-S>
c.   with paper cutter, cut a rectangle 5 5/8" wide by 4" deep for background

6. Trim or sand any rough edges. You should have a collection which looks like this.

7. Attach border to back of background and trim border to fit.

8. Assemble layers of animals and train. Insert brads. Trim bottoms of animals, cutting at about mid-tummy.

9. Stamp sentiment on oval, and attach to shadow oval. Add ribbon trim, and decorate with markers if desired.

10. Attach all pieces to card with strong adhesive (I use Scor Tape) and, voila, you're done! Unless, of course, you decide to do something spectacular on the inside.

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