Monday, 18 February 2013

Kards for Kids at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children

Do you want to bring a smile to the faces of children who could really use a feel-good moment? Pop on over to the Kards for Kids Blog and find out more about joining the Smiley Team - a collective Card Creating forum for anyone interested in creating cards for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

For the month of February, members of team concentrated on creating cards for boys. Here's the small collection of cards I'll be mailing tomorrow since today is a holiday here in Alberta. Hope they reach you soon enough, Bela!

By the way, all stamps used in these cards are either QKR Stampede or Dearie Dolls.


  1. Debrah...oh my gosh these are amazing..I especially laughed so hard at the bear with the hospital gown. May I ask where you purchased this guy? So cute...I will post them to site...amazing.

  2. These are so very fun! I'm a big camping enthusiast and just love the first card! They are all beautiful, and know that the kids will really love them.

  3. These cards are wonderful the children will love them what a great idea...

  4. Oh Deb. This is such a cool idea and all your cards look great. The kids will be sure to love them. I've seen some card drives but they have all been for the States. This is perfect and I'm headed over there to find out more. So glad I came over today. I suppose I was meant to find it.

    Lisa D.