Sunday, 14 April 2013

UPDATE - MEGA Blog Candy - Daily Window Bags


As promised, a winner was drawn today for the blog candy shown below. The luck winner is Sue, aka: Mrs. Noofy. Congratulations, Sue!!! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get the CRAFTY BOOK & BIBLE TOTE AND EMBELLISHMENT KIT shown below right out to you! 

Your art slips in right where the white card is, under a plastic sleeve


Back on December 13, I blogged about being chosen as a winner in an art competition held by Daily Window Bags. My prize was a bag that they call the Very Necessary Mini. I've been using this bag for a couple of months now, and I'm quite pleased with it. The tote is not huge which, as a petite woman, I really appreciate. The adjustable straps are just long enough that I can put them on my shoulder and the tote tucks in under my upper arm. Here are a couple of snaps of the bag in my home.

With my Art

Oodles of room for my Kindle

The one improvement I would recommend to Daily Window Bags is to add some kind of closure. I kept worrying that my stuff would fall out of the bag, so I added a toggle closure for a little bit more security. I'd actually like to see a zipper across the top.

But now for the best part! The great people at Daily Window Bag have offered blog candy for my followers!! And it's really great blog candy!!!

Daily Window Bag is offering my followers a product they call the CRAFTY BOOK & BIBLE TOTE AND EMBELLISHMENT KIT. You can see their photos of this tote here. I don't have an I-Pad, but I think one would fit in here easily. This particular tote zips all around the edge so all of your possessions will be contained. It has a hand-sized handle, but no shoulder strap. Here are a few shots I took of this bag in my home.

Your art slips in right where the white card is, under a plastic sleeve

If you are a follower of my blog, and you'd like a chance to own this great tote, just leave a comment on this post. I'll be making a selection from those who enter up to and including April 13th, 2013. When I roll out of bed on April 14, the winner will be chosen.

If you are considering signing up as a follower just to enter for this candy, please don't do it unless you intend to stick around for a while.

Just image walking around with a tote which showcases your very own work of art. People do comment on how unique it is.

Good luck to anyone who enters this draw!


  1. I like the look of the window, it would be a great way to show off some of my artwork and I like that it could be changed often. I will check into that tote.

    Interesting blog candy tote too, I see lots of possibilities for it too!

  2. Wow! Just imagine all the fabulous stuff you could tote around in this little gem! The window would be a wonderful place to showcase your artwork or something someone else has loving created for just for you! What a super idea.
    aka Mrs Noofy

    1. Sue! You were the lucky winner! Please send me your mailing address and I get the package right out to ya! Deb

    2. Oh my ..thank you so much Deb. This is wonderful I can hardly wait. I will be lurking beside my mailbox for the next 2 weeks! Have a rainbow day ..I certainly will

  3. It was time to start following your wonderful site anyways. These bags are soooo cool.

    If you are hoping to get some new followers you should look into Bloglovin' since Google Friends Connect will no longer be active as of July. That way your new followers will all be set up with the new system!

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog candy!


  4. Lovely totes and how nice to have you offer a "Candy" on your blog. I will post on my blog that you have this candy up...Thanks Deb for the chance to win. joann sassy raggedy

  5. Love this little tote! Great size to carry around all the time. I'm gonna start my "art" right away!

  6. This tote is great for the Bible. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Am your newest follower.